Monday, August 17, 2009

It's till my first day...
mmm...I have more to say.
I had my blood test today..
I was in the waiting room..aware of all the people in there. The chatter of the nurses and technical personnel was in the background. Their very obvious gossip taking over the silence of the waiting room.
Every patient reading some sort of magazine but hearing and maybe listening to the same gossip.
An older woman walks in and has no time to ask her frail voiced question at the front desk. In no time she is told.."radiology is on the other side!" No attention is paid to whether she comprehended or heard!
We are paying a lot for this service. No awareness of this in the air.
My name is eventually called..misprounouncedly..if that is a word.
I am very friendly to the nurse and she is relatively taken aback by this.
Her job is very mathematical almost.
She is drawing blood from a human being ( last time I checked that is what I thought I was).
I am trying to make a human contact but there seems to be only machine on the other side.
No word is spoken through the process of collecting about 7 vials of blood.
At the end.. I hear a "that's it my love".
I am flabbergasted. That phrase throws me off. "My love"?
My brain is full and void of thoughts at the same time.
I leave the premises knowing that there has been an exchange of money between the insurance and the "care giver".
Somewhere someone ordered the test and maybe but not necessarily for a good reason.
Anyhow my life goes on.
I am lucky to have health insurance and hopefully I do not get surprises.
My biggest dilemma, though is that I am a care giver myself. I spent most of my life making sure that it is the uttermost priority to give the best healthcare to patients who need it.
Paying and UNPAYING!!
You are sick, I care..that is why I chose my career!
You are my priority.
Otherwise I go sell coffee or something.
There goes a reason for me to hurry.....
That is the purpose of my blog...
Hurry..take care of everyone... People are mistreated etc.... do something..
Yes. But...
pole pole....
slowly slowly... relax, you can't change the world...
the world will change if you change your self and can do ..
be more you.

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