Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last night I watched the development of a fabulous storm! Almost hurricanish...( another new word) .
A loud thunder jolt was the beginning of a fabulous, unstoppable show of nature.
At first strong winds and loud thunder , then, as I looked outside my window. It seemed like anything lighter than a car was being blown all over the place..including people!
(I kind of felt good for one moment as the people working on a new subway just outside my window FINALLY stopped drilling and prayers were being answered???)
Everyone was trying to run home asap. In no time came the rain. Wind and rain, stronger than I have ever witnessed ..maybe cause I'm living in an area where as I look out the window I see "all the action".
All of a sudden the wrath of the gods was upon us or that's how it seemed. This went on for about 3 hours. Then the calm! All gone. Just like that! nothing..or I should say no ..anything..!
another sunny , bright, hot beautiful day.
So...??the point of the story.
Recently I got a piece of bad news that sent me in a spin of anger that was both overwhelming and seemingly uncontrollable...
Exactly like the storm. Lightning, thunder, rain, wind! Like a storm you can't really say oh I want it to stop and it will. Like this just came about. Like this storm it has a life and energy of it's own and it seems to have something to say, something that it wants to express.
Slowly but surely it fades...
maybe not the next day ...
but the storm does go away and the sun does comes out and life does goes on...sometimes but not always as if nothing ever happened.
I thought of this as I was again on the roof top of my gym where the view was once again fabulous, again almost the same as the day before...but speaking timewise there had been a nasty storm!

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