Sunday, September 6, 2009


Cooking for me is a form of artistic expression and as such ... I cannot follow or repeat recipes.
Maybe it's good. Maybe it's bad. Maybe it's everything.
I utterly enjoy cooking. I create and invent.
I can have skinny hyper-energetic members of the family .. I can have diabetics, I can have allergics...etc etc...
"Open your fridge and pantry and creative !"
Knowing what you have and knowing who you are cooking for!
That is everyday life for me.
Yes, sometimes we are able to go out and organize and plan what we will make for lunch..for dinner..for breakfast ..for snack...but a lot of the time we don't ...
We have a limited dose of energy...a limited source of ingredients and ..hopefully an unlimited source imagination, creativity and love!!
In my opinion, to make a great meal I value creativity and love above all of the ingredients.
These will transcend fatigue and routine any day !!
So...everyone really..tap into that love and creativity and your meal times will surely be fantabulous, energetic, nutritious and full of "good vibes".

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  1. Great Article, I've been experimenting quite often myself with what I have on board. Most of us like variety when it comes to eating. Yes creativity and love are very important ingredients to having a wonderful meal experience! I like! Could use some examples of your culinary creativeness if you are willing to share.