Thursday, September 3, 2009

I went to our storage today. We have most of our stuff there and since we moved, I must say I have not really missed anything. We live in a furnished home and all the essentials are there.
For example in the kitchen we have one pan and one pot and I have been cooking just fine. We have a couple of mismatched plates, glasses and cups , some forks, blunt knives and a few small spoons. Meals have still been been happening . I feel like I'm in the bush, camping and I just make do with what I have. It's quite stimulating for the imagination. How much stuff do we really "need"!!?
Having said that..If I think about it I do miss having "my stuff" around.
I miss my espresso maker, my art work, my bed sheets..oh and ya my bed!!
My trip to storage today was to take 2 suitcases of more things that we don't need.
When I saw my things it was somehow comforting. Unfortunately some of the boxes I would have liked to take back were at the bottom of the pile and I was alone trying to move everything so I gave up. Luckily my rugs were accessible so I took a couple. I also took a folding table, my sewing machine and a few pieces of art.
Now, there is no street parking close to the apartment so I had to figure something out .
I arrived at the garage and of course, I had to beg to leave the car close to the exit for 20 minutes while I went back and forth from the garage to the apartment...
Phew, I finally made it. The table was suuuper heavy!!
Now.. I have a few of my paintings on the wall and a few of my rugs on the floor. I feel at home!
We have moved quite a lot in the past 5 years and these are the things that followed us so I'm very happy to have them here, the apartment now feels more homey ..our homey!
So how much "stuff" do we really "need"?
mmmm just a little...

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